ASCP NPQR: Learn About Sample Performance Measures to Improve Patient Care

Sep 27, 2017

In fall 2017, ASCP is launching the National Pathology Quality Registry (NPQR), a national quality and benchmarking program focused on helping laboratories measure and improve quality and performance to improve patient outcomes. A new brochure provides more detail about the program, including a sample of the quality and performance measures included in NPQR version 1.

NPQR and its measures provide laboratories with the ability to harness their laboratory data to optimize quality and performance and fulfill requirements in several key ways:

- Monitoring appropriate utilization of laboratory testing.
- Improving pre-analytical processes.
- Optimizing turnaround time and critical value reporting.
- Establishing best practices through national and peer group comparisons.
- Assessing analytical and diagnostic accuracy.
- Participating in pay-for-performance programs to meet CMS requirements.

NPQR captures data measuring adherence to clinical practice guideline recommendations, quality and performance standards, and appropriate use criteria for laboratories. While the brochure provides an example of the registry’s version 1 measures, additional topics and measures will be included in future iterations of the registry.

Clinical pathology (CP), anatomic pathology (AP), and combined AP/CP laboratories can all utilize this program to measure and strengthen performance. Designed with laboratory information system (LIS) providers, the Registry supports integration with multiple LIS. Laboratories can participate individually, or as part of a hospital system, reference lab network, or other group entity.

Interested laboratories should complete the form at For more information, visit or contact Ali Brown, MD, FASCP, Medical Director, NPQR, at