Call for ASCP 2018 Abstracts

Jan 12, 2018

Presenting your research at the ASCP 2018 Annual Meeting will showcase your knowledge and dedication to discovery in front of a prestigious global audience.

“For over forty years, we have been proud to be ASCP members and have enjoyed teaching workshops, learning, and the opportunity to present our research,” said Sara Carter, MT(ASCP)SM,SI, who with John B. Carter, MD, presented the Best Lab Practice Poster at ASCP 2017 in September. “Winning the Best Lab Practice Presentation Award will always be a highlight for us.  We encourage medical technologists, residents and physicians to attend and present their research at the meeting.”

Submitting an abstract is very simple. Just summarize your hard work in 300 words or less, and submit it online by noon March 28. 

If your abstract is selected for presentation, the benefits are enormous, with you gaining instant credibility and the opportunity to put your research up for discussion in front of peers and internationally renowned faculty.

And it doesn’t end there. Prizes are just the beginning. Past entries have garnered national media attention, catalyzed significant changes at their institutions, and fast-tracked backing for expanded research.

Submit an abstract for an opportunity to present at the ASCP 2018 Annual Meeting.