LMU Focus: Targeted Training That Advances Your Career Faster

Jan 26, 2018

Laboratory professionals looking to hone their skills in a particular area need look no further than Laboratory Management University (LMU) Focus. This new online education program allows participants to enroll in targeted management training for the clinical lab environment.

LMU Focus is a unique program that allows laboratory professionals and other lab staff to select a distinct training module from any of four core competency areas contained in LMU Fundamentals, the signature online education program launched by ASCP four years ago. These courses range from essential knowledge to more specialized and advanced topics, all within a specific discipline. The program should be especially attractive to non-supervisory lab personnel looking to improve or expand their skills in a specific area.

 Each LMU Focus module below consists of three to five courses:

-Personnel Management
-Financial Management

“LMU Focus is another strong example of self-directed learning,” said Kandice Kidd, MA, ASCP Senior Manager of Online Education Solutions. “It’s essentially for the individual who realizes that they could benefit from targeted courses in a specific area of laboratory management such as compliance or financial management. For many working professionals committing to a multi-year professional development program can seem overwhelming; with the four to seven courses offered in the LMU Focus modules, one can expand their knowledge and apply it to their work more quickly.”

As an added benefit, all purchasers of LMU Focus have the option to receive full credit toward the purchase of LMU Fundamentals should they decide to upgrade. Purchasers are able to upgrade anytime within one year of purchase with no additional cost. To learn more, click here.