Pathology Update: A State-of-the-Art Overview of Surgical Pathology

Mar 08, 2018
A group of renowned experts will discuss the latest updates in breast, gynecologic, head and neck, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and dermatologic pathology, in addition to molecular and immunohistochemistry concepts during ASCP 2018 Pathology Update, July 23-27, in Chicago.

“The value of Pathology Update comes directly from the expertise of the presenters and the real world insights that they provide for your day-to-day practice,” says Andrew Churg, MD, FASCP, Co-director of Pathology Update.

New features of Pathology Update include a presentation about next generation sequencing and its application to assignment of tumor type and site of origin; a differential diagnosis of salivary gland neoplasms; and updated staging and molecular pathology of thyroid neoplasia.

“Pathology Update will take participants beyond the H&E to provide the latest knowledge about staging and tumor classification, prognostic factors, immunohistochemical profiles and molecular markers, as well as crucial information on when to order molecular tests,” Dr. Churg adds.

Other features that are new to this year’s Pathology Update include:

-A presentation regarding changing reporting guidelines for Gleason grading of prostate carcinomas
-A guide to the increasingly complex world of kidney tumor classification
-Interstitial lung disease: usual interstitial pneumonia and its differential diagnosis
-Mesothelial proliferations: morphologic and molecular approaches to separating benign from malignant
-New concepts in the diagnosis and staging of lung cancers
-PDL1 testing - lung cancer and beyond
-Update on NCCN guidelines for molecular testing of solid tumors
-Tissue stewardship – utilization for molecular testing
-Updated molecular testing algorithms in lung cancer

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