Critical Values Highlight: Skills in Data Science and Analytics - The Next Frontier for the Medical Laboratory Scientist?

Mar 09, 2018

Data science is an interdisciplinary field in the scientific methods, processes, and systems used to extract knowledge or insight from data in various forms. The advent of web-based services and technologies has enabled an interconnected world that can create, capture, collate, catalogue, and exchange vast amounts of data across information systems.  

However, such capabilities to capture data and act on information (at least in the healthcare sector) are not a recent development. The medical laboratory has performed this function (albeit at a smaller, local level) for the benefit of patients and doctors for decades. Check out an article by Tarush Kothari, MD, MPH Lynda Leopold, MT(CSMLS), Tiffany Yu, MLS(ASCP)CMGaurav Sharma, MD in Critical Values that takes a look at the expanding role of data science and analytics in the medical laboratory profession.

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