Give to the ASCP Foundation to Expand Access to Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Mar 26, 2018

In Sub-Saharan Africa, a lack of screening, laboratories and pathologists causes delays in critical treatment for cancer patients. Too many patients enter the care system with advanced disease that is no longer curable, making effective treatment nearly impossible.

We can change this story. The ASCP Foundation Global Health Fund supports ASCP’s Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa initiative, which is establishing and enhancing labs and training local personnel in resource-limited areas of the world. These efforts include supporting assessments and implementation planning visits for Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as the travel of a workflow, histology and process expert to Botswana, Tanzania, Rwanda and Haiti to help enhance overall lab training and productivity.

“Many patients in Botswana don’t have access to health care near their homes and have to travel hundreds of miles from remote areas to the lab for health care. I encourage people to donate to the ASCP Foundation’s Global Health Fund to provide diagnostics to underserved regions in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti. We have the expertise to make a real impact.”- Diane Sterchi, MSM, HTL(ASCP)

Significant progress is being made, but more support is urgently needed to continue these efforts. Give to the ASCP Foundation’s Global Health Fund today and give patients hope for tomorrow here.