Lablogatory Highlight: The Universal “Truths” of Laboratory Operation

May 08, 2018

Labs: the final frontier. These are the voyages of lab-techs everywhere. Our continuing mission: to explore strange new orders, to seek out new tests and new sero-preparations, to boldly notify floor clinicians about sample hemolysis for redraw…

Or at least that’s close enough to Gene Roddenberry’s vision for futurism in exploration—except instead of starships, we’re talking Star Labs.

Unlike his usual Zika or medical school posts, this month’s Lablogatory piece by Constantine E. Kanakis MSc, MLS (ASCP)CM is a celebration of several lab “truths” during the 2018 Lab Week celebration. It seems like one of the overarching themes he has encountered regarding laboratory operation (and appreciation) is communication. Expectations and needs aren’t always communicated effectively across different medical disciplines and scopes. A while back he thought of 40 things every lab professional should know. In this blog, he expands on that.

Check out his blog here.