Lab Life Hack: Maximize Your Success in Life by Learning from Others’ Perspectives

Aug 08, 2018

Leaders often have the ability to engage and gain knowledge from their team or colleagues to achieve high levels of performance. Listen to what two ASCP laboratory professionals and a pathologist have to say about expanding your perspective, which can help you grow both as an individual and a professional.


“Pathology fellows are in a unique position to learn from the perspectives of others at different stages in their career. We have attendings that are more advanced in their careers to look up to, but we are also now more senior to residents and medical students. From our attendings, we are not only honing our skills at the scope, but also absorbing practical knowledge about how to efficiently sign out cases and achieve an optimal work-life balance. On the other hand, as we transition away from the “trainee” peer group, we can learn what teaching styles they best respond to and how we can help to foster their interest in pathology. Effectively contributing to the education of the next generation of physicians is a rewarding endeavor that can boost your own daily sense of fulfillment in your career.”

Jordan Baum, MD, FASCP

Lab Professional


“A career in laboratory medicine looks different to you when you're at a different stage in education and/or professional rank. And, even though the perspective changes over time, each person from every part of the continuum has unique insight and knowledge regarding the profession. Oftentimes, people lose sight of the details that are relevant only to one aspect of a professional ladder when it doesn't apply directly to their work. Each persons’ insights can enhance your laboratory both personally and professionally.”

Kanakis Constantine, MS, MLS (ASCP)CM

“Learning is a dynamic process. Everyone has a unique method of knowledge acquisition and a distinct set of experiences at the varying stages of their life and career that has gotten them to where they are. Everyone has experienced both failure and success at varying degrees. In fact, it is from our failures that we learn, grow, mature, and set and/or change our path to achieve our long and short term goals. As such, everyone can provide a valuable perspective that should be leveraged to help guide our own actions. This will ultimately help prevent unforeseen letdowns and unnecessary bumps on the road to success, as well as provide solutions to an issue we may be facing.”


Michael Bois, M(ASCP)CM