Lab Life Hack: In a High-stakes Laboratory Workplace, Foster an Environment That Is Appreciative and Joyful

Aug 27, 2018

Making time for fun is one way of effectively managing and improving employee morale, enhancing teamwork, and building trusting relationships. Check out these ASCP members’ tips on how to improve your daily life, both professionally and personally.


“I always enjoy sharing interesting cases with my colleagues, and I look forward to learning from them as well. We all get busy during the day, but taking an extra five minutes to share a rare case or two with someone may save them much more time in the future, and it makes us all better at serving our patients. I have learned so much from my colleagues during training. Better yet, set up an hour once a week for a group to share all of their most interesting cases from that week. It builds camaraderie, broadens knowledge, and can be a much more efficient and fun way of learning than doing everything on your own. Snacks are always fun, too!”

Cody Carter, MD, FASCP

Lab Professional

“The high-stakes world of pathology and laboratory medicine can, at times, be serious and focus-driven; therefore, it is essential that we take time out once in a while to appreciate and connect with each other on a personal level. I enjoy getting beyond job titles, productivity reports, and credentials to see the actual hearts of my colleagues. Knowing that John is going to three separate AAU basketball games for his sons on the weekend or that Mary’s garden watermelons are pushing 50 pounds each creates a sense of belonging and fosters a positive work climate.”

“One way we build these personal relationships is by taking time to celebrate and decompress with one another. A few games during Lab Week or a donut break after an intense stretch goes a long way. I have been fortunate that every laboratory staff that I’ve been a part of has loved a good party, had some talented chefs, and has utilized any reason at all to celebrate!”

Andy Stanton, CT(ASCP)CM