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Build Lab Awareness with the March for Science and New ASCP Programs

Apr 21, 2017

On Earth Day, April 22, 2017, individuals around the world will be joining together in a March for Science as a way to defend the vital role science plays in health, safety, economies, and governments. March for Science organizers also launched a social media campaign, #ScienceServes, to highlight how science saves lives, protects communities, and advances the public interest. Raise awareness of the essential work of the medical laboratory by sharing how you serve your community as a pathologist or laboratory professional using the #ScienceServes hashtag.

In addition to taking part in specific campaigns such as #ScienceServes, ASCP members can get involved in several other new programs we have developed to promote our profession’s vital contributions and attract the next generation of laboratory leaders. Below you’ll discover several of ASCP’s efforts to ensure your work is understood and valued inside and outside the healthcare community.

Career Ambassadors 2.0

ASCP Career Ambassadors 2.0 is a volunteer network of laboratory professional, resident, and Fellow ASCP members that promote the medical laboratory profession in their communities and promote ASCP membership and opportunities in their labs and institutions. In the ASCP Career Ambassador 2.0 role, volunteer members will guide high school and middle school students to professions in the laboratory using free tools and materials from ASCP’s What’s My Next program. ASCP Career Ambassadors 2.0 will also serve their institutions and colleagues by sharing information about ASCP membership, opportunities, and activities that support ASCP members in their careers. To learn more about the program, visit the ASCP Career Ambasssadors 2.0 group on ONELab.

ASCP Patient Champions

Pathologists and laboratory professionals are health care’s unsung heroes. ASCP created the ASCP Patient Champions program to raise awareness of the crucial role the medical laboratory plays in patient care through patient stories. ASCP Patient Champions empower other patients and showcase the lab’s vital work by sharing their stories through media interviews, blogging, and live speaking engagements. Visit to learn more about the ASCP Patient Champions program and nominate a patient or apply to be a Patient Champion yourself!

ASCP Foundation Laboratory Visibility Fund

ASCP has established the ASCP Foundation to promote excellence in laboratory medicine on behalf of patients, pathologists, and laboratory professionals across the globe. Increasing laboratory visibility is one of three critical areas of focus for the Foundation. ASCP Foundation’s Laboratory Visibility Fund will support public relations and advertising campaigns designed specifically to tell your story – and the story of the laboratory. The Foundation wants to ensure that your work is well understood, respected, and valued by your colleagues, insurers, government, and the public. Learn more about the Foundation and how you can provide support at


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