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Lab Life Hack: Organize Your Workload at Optimal Times to Be at Your Peak Productivity

May 02, 2018

Regain control of your time and conquer clutter by getting organized! If you know how to effectively organize and prioritize your workload, you will learn how to be more efficient. An ASCP laboratory professional and a pathologist share their insights on how to maximize their productivity when they are most energized.

Laboratory Professionals


“We work in a variable and unpredictable environment in which we are expected to adapt quickly to meet needs and priorities. To meet the demands, it is extremely important to capitalize on times when your energy is at its peak. Be mindful through the course of your day and identify the times of day when you identify yourself being 'mentally sharp' and focused.  Organize your workload for those optimal times to be at your peak of productivity. Also be mindful of the times in your day when you feel less focused, and use that time to unwind and refocus, perhaps engaging in a hobby, reading a book, or calling a friend on the phone.  Encounter those times at work?  See if there is a way to re-organize your tasks to align those times of reduced energy and focus to take care of menial tasks such as restocking supplies or tidying up your work area so that you don’t have to expend mental energy and focus.”

William P. Bolte, MT(ASCP)


Pathologists and Residents


“Tackling a big project can be daunting. To end a troublesome tendency toward procrastination, find the time of day when your energy level is at its peak. I’ve always gravitated to the mornings, a time when I feel refreshed and rested. Working as the sun comes up with a cup of coffee in hand is the perfect way to start minimizing my to-do list before the day’s distractions start creeping in. Take a moment to reflect on when you feel most energized. Is it late at night after your family has gone to sleep? Right before lunch when the morning’s work is complete? Silence your cell phone, minimize your email, and harness that extra energy boost by directing it toward knocking out a persistent task. The sense of accomplishment that accompanies the conquering of your lingering project may even foster another burst of productivity.”

Melanie Bois, MD, FASCP



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