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ASCP Announces 2018 Poster Presentation Award Winners

Oct 15, 2018

ASCP announced the 2018 Best Poster award winners and Oral Abstract award winner at the ASCP 2018 Annual Meeting, Oct. 3-5, in Baltimore. Congratulations to all the winners, who are listed below. View abstracts and ePosters here.

Best Case Study Poster

LP54 Beta-catenin expression in squamous morules of sinonasal non-intestinal type adenocarcinoma: A curious finding confirmed by molecular analysis

Tatiana M. Villatoro, MD

Best Education Practice Poster

EP26 Immunohistochemical Staining for Helicobacter pylori Necessary for the Proper Diagnosis of Mild Inactive Chronic Gastritis?            

Hermineh Aramin, MD

Best Global Poster

EP36 Are Pathological Parameters in breast carcinoma underestimated? Results correlation in comparison with Oncotype Dx Testing in breast carcinoma patients in Saudi Arabia population

Sara Makhdoum, MD

Best International Poster

SA34 Activated protein C Resistance in patients with Pre-eclampsia in Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi-Araba Lagos Nigeria    

Nosimot Davies, MD

Best Lab Practice Poster

LP22 Obstetric antibody titers: a comparison of automated gel methodology versus conventional tube methodology with assessment of clinical outcomes     

Jessica Kneib, DO

Best Resident Poster

SA142 Group A Streptococcus Molecular Point of Care Testing: Performance and Assessment of Culture Requirements for Negative Results      

Ryan Demkowicz, MD

Best Scientific Poster    

SA7 Specific Cutoffs for HOMA1-IR, HOMA2-IR, HOMA1-%B, and HOMA2-%B in Adult Egyptian Patients


Best Oral Abstract

SA101 Hypoalbuminemia as an emergency department triage indicator for hospital admission    

Grace Leu-Burke, MSCLS, MT(ASCP)


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