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International Pathology Day 2018: Improving Global Health Through ICCR Template Translation

Nov 08, 2018

International Pathology Day celebrates the vital work of pathologists and medical laboratory professionals all around the world. This year, we are highlighting the importance of working together as a global community to improve patient care worldwide – specifically through a joint effort with the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting. ASCP and the ICCR are piloting translations of existing templates from the ICCR datasets, which allow for standardized cancer reporting, into Spanish, French, and Portuguese. These datasets are freely available publicly at

This International Pathology Day, help us promote the importance of global collaboration in health care by reading and sharing this article on the ICCR dataset template translations by ASCP Chief Medical Officer Dan A. Milner, MD, MSc(Epi), FASCP. Hear from ASCP leaders about the importance of translating existing templates from the ICCR datasets below and check out this video.

“Cancer knows no state or national boundaries. Risk factors and interventions for cancer need to be studied by populations centers with aggregate data that is reliable across groups. ASCP is proud to work in collaboration with the International Consortium on Cancer Reporting (ICCR) to pilot translations of existing templates from the ICCR, allowing the comparisons of data which will improve cancer care and cancer control globally.”
ASCP CEO E. Blair Holladay, PhD., MASCP, SCT(ASCP)CM

“This effort will greatly assist pathologists and laboratory professionals to improve cancer diagnostics around the world by providing a consistent, evidence-based approach for the reporting of cancer.”
2018-2019 ASCP President Melissa P. Upton, MD, FASCP

Help us highlight the key role of pathologists and medical laboratory professionals in cancer care worldwide by sharing the graphics below on your social media channels. Happy International Pathology Day from ASCP!

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