Rising Stars of ASCP Leadership:

Jesse McCoy, MHS, PA(ASCP)CM

Geoffrey Talmon, MD, FASCP

Jennifer Kasten, MD, MSc (Oxon), MSc (London)

Jesse McCoy, MHS, PA(ASCP)CM, Geoffrey Talmon, MD, FASCP, and Jennifer Kasten, MD, MSc (Oxon), MSc (London), are serving as chairs of the Council of Laboratory Professionals, the Fellow Council, and the Resident Council, respectively, for the 2017-2018 year. Here, each shares their personal story as to why they renew their ASCP membership and the value of belonging to ASCP.

Jesse McCoy, MHS, PA(ASCP)CM

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Ms. Jesse McCoy is a pathologists’ assistant at Hampton Roads Pathology at the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center in Chesapeake, VA. She is a 2007 graduate of the Quinnipiac University Pathologists’ Assistant program. Ms. McCoy became a student member of ASCP in 2006. Since then, she has served in various capacities, including the Career Ambassador program and multiple roles within the Council of Laboratory Professionals. Currently, she is the Chair of the Council of Laboratory Professionals. Ms. McCoy is a graduate of the inaugural ASCP Leadership Institute and is currently enrolled in Lab Management University.

“I renew for two very important reasons,” she explains. “First, ASCP is an unmatched educational resource. ASCP offers a wide variety of both on-site meetings and online CME options. With the renewal package I participate in, I have access to unlimited CMEs and always meet and exceed my CMP Declarations.”

“Secondly, the people. In my decade with ASCP, I have met and collaborated with an extensive network of amazingly talented individuals from Pathologists to Phlebotomists to the ASCP staff. The information, drive and motivation, collaboration, and most importantly relationships I have made on my journey as a medical laboratory professional are extraordinary. Without ASCP membership, that journey, as well as the opportunities I have had within the organization would not have been possible.”

Geoffrey Talmon, MD, FASCP

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Dr. Geoffrey Talmon is an associate professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE, that specializes in gastrointestinal, renal, liver, and transplant pathology.  He completed his residency in anatomic and clinical pathology at UNMC, fellowship in surgical pathology and the Mayo Clinic.  He serves as Vice Chair of Medical Education and holds the James Linder Distinguished Residency Director Chair.  He also is director of the UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators, assistant director of the gastrointestinal pathology fellowship program, program co-chair for UNMC Master in Health Professions Teaching and Technology Program, and co-director of the preclinical phase of the College of Medicine curriculum. Dr. Talmon is the chair of the ASCP Fellow Council, president of the Nebraska Association of Pathologists, and the Group for Research in Pathology Education.

“Renewing my membership in the ASCP is a no-brainer,” Dr. Talmon says. “The tools for MOC maintenance, educational activities, the avenues to connect with other talented, passionate laboratory professionals, and the organization's advocacy efforts ‘pay’ for my dues many times over each year.”

Jennifer Kasten, MD, MSc (Oxon), MSc (London)

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Dr. Jennifer Kasten is a pediatric pathology fellow at Boston Children's Hospital, and the Chair of the ASCP Resident Council.

“ASCP provides complimentary membership to pathologists-in-training and laboratory students,” she says. “Can't beat free, right? But to cop a line from the commercial, the value is priceless—the education (LMU, PRISE, Leadership Institute, board review books, textbooks), the chance to be on the cutting edge of the future of pathology and laboratory medicine, the colleagues—all more than merit that annual membership fee. As young pathologists there are so many demands on our time (and wallets—amazing how those med school alumni organizations seem to find us, eh?) that we want to be absolutely certain joining an organization is worth it. And ASCP is definitely worth it!”

Renew your membership or join ASCP today at https://www.ascp.org/membership.